Business Anthropologist,
Communication Advisor & Project Leader

Knowledge and experience

knowledge and experience
Marjoleine van Sinderen founded 4CUnity in 2008, while she was still working for Sint Marie, center for communication, in Eindhoven.

"I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communications, project management and business anthropology."

"As project leader I have managed a change project in a sector structure (business development/governance) at Philips Semiconductors and NXP Semiconductors and I did so by the BCaM and SPaRC methods. While I was employed at Philips and NXP I provided intercultural awareness trainings to teams working in Europe, America and Asia. At several other companies I performed research on current and desired business culture, employee satisfaction and management styles. I also worked as a (marketing) communication advisor for the police, for multiple technical companies and for organizations in healthcare. My focus was always on creating structural policy as well as practical implementation."

Marjoleine has studied in the United States and has worked and lived in France. "I would enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with you."

Knowledge and experience

"Sharing with you"