Business Anthropologist,
Communication Advisor & Project Leader

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The world is moving at a rapid pace. For your company and employees to keep up they must constantly adjust and adapt. This requires focus, speed, adaptability, insight and experience. 4CUnity can put your company in the right direction. We will support and strengthen your company’s business structure, culture, communications and project management. We research, advise and implement.

By combining knowledge and experience of internal and external communications, marketing communications, project management, business development/governance, processes of change, conflict management, organizational behavior, business culture and intercultural awareness training, 4CUnity can solve problems and build bridges for your company. We are active in the Eindhoven – Den Bosch area in The Netherlands.

4CUnity can effectively create clarity, unity and mutual understanding within your team. We will keep your targets in mind and efficiently achieve the desired results. Foresee to get Unity.


"4CUnity keeps your goals on target"

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Marjoleine van Sinderen
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